• I am excited to ANNOUNCE that I will be joining the utah State University biology department in August 2020!


    come join the womack lab in beautiful logan utah!

  • Mentoring

    Providing graduate, undergraduate, and high school students with research opportunities and giving them the tools to create their own independent projects is one of my favorite research perks!


    Below are researchers that I am currently mentoring and collaborating with.

    Shannon Buttimer

    University of California, Berkeley

    Shannon is majoring Molecular Environmental Biology (Ecology) at UC Berkeley. When not doing research on frog skeletons, you can find Shannon teaching sailing, drawing, and caring for a crested gecko.

    Jennifer Yedigarov

    University of California, Berkeley

    Jennifer is majoring in Integrative Biology and minoring in Music at UC Berkeley. Jennifer has been playing the violin since the age of 3 and is the Public Relations Director for the Armenian Students' Association. You can often find Jennifer hunting down cafes with the best latte art.

    Natasha Stepanova

    Villanova University

    Previously - University of California, Berkeley

    Natasha graduated with a BS in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and is now a graduate student at Villanova. In addition to research, Natasha enjoys writing fantasy and science-fiction stories, sketching, and scuba diving.

    Kunal Patel

    Washington High School

    Kunal is a senior at Washington High who fell in love with the natural world through the magical voice of Sir David Attenborough.

    He enjoys listening to NPR in the dark whilst on contemplating the meaninglessness of his existence in the vast expanses of the universe.